Christmas in Idaho, Part 2

on December 25, 2016
Saint Maries, ID

We spent Christmas morning traditionally with homemade cinnamon rolls with coffee, present opening, and calling family members.


Christy took us to another xc ski spot late morning. This trail already had some tracks, but we only saw 3 or 4 people in passing. It’s amazing how few people there are outside in northern Idaho! Though, perhaps there are just less people out on Christmas Day. I’m sure these trails would be crawling with people if they were located anywhere near the Cascades I-5 corridor.

This trail was slightly hilly, which I felt was a big step as a new skier. Keena took turns pulling us downhill in her harness. What a blast! But it usually ended on the ground because Keena would take and unexpected sharp turn off the path. And, to be honest, I had a pretty hard time stopping on the downhills.


We skied a small beginner loop, and on our way back the sun started to peak out between the clouds, revealing beautiful views of the mountains around us. The snow touched by the sun sparkled in the yellow light. I used to hate winter, it meant grey clouds, long nights, and feeling cold. But over the last few years I’ve learned to love winter because of snowshoeing and the handful of times I’ve gone snowboarding. The beauty of winter can be much more subtle or remote than the other three seasons, making it perhaps the most enchanting season.


When we got back to the car, we drove up the hill a bit farther to a lodge and small ski resort Christy said isn’t open any longer. It was freezing up there at the top of the mountain, but of the hills just beyond the lodge glowed pink as the sun set. Just as we were leaving, an old man came walking up a trail with his happy golden retriever trotting ahead of him. He was clearly fit having walked up in snowshoes and he clearly knew the area well the way he talked. He said just a couple days ago he had to retrieve a girl who got lost on the short trail we were on, and that if we had continued just a few hundred meters farther, we would have found a cabin. He was friendly and kind, and I’m sure either owns or care takes the lodge.


We drove home in the dark, ready for lasagne leftovers.



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