The marina gas station sells beer

on January 21, 2017
Elliot Bay Marina

This year I’ve decided to devote my recreational time to sailing. This means learning about sailing off the water, taking lessons on the water, practicing on a dingy, and going out on the water with the Benders on CDS when possible. When I want to learn about something, that means going 100%.

Consequently, this also means I won’t be playing as much Ultimate Frisbee this year. Ultimate has been a big part of my life the last 7 years. The sport is fun and addicting, and the community is amazing. But, the risk of injury, the social politics, and questioning my skills against others can be exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, it will be very difficult not to feel left out when I don’t play competitively this spring and summer when friends are practicing and going to competitive tournaments. This isn’t a decision not to play Ultimate though. It’s a decision to sail, something I’ve wanted to learn how to do before I knew Ultimate existed. And, this decision also doesn’t mean I won’t pick up a disc this summer.

Anyway, Jim invited Peter and I to have lunch on the boat and help him put some more things away. It was raining when we arrived, and the dodger wasn’t finished yet to protect the door of the cabin from getting rain inside. Jim previously bought small pizza pans that fit in CDS’ oven, so the evening before I made some of Peter Reinhardt’s pizza crust dough. It was a first time using that recipe and the first time the CDS’ oven was used. The pizzas turned out delicious! Ann joined us for lunch too.


After cleaning up, we all went to the dinghy boat racks and pulled out the new dinghy Jim purchased off Craigslist just the week before. It can sail or row, but with no room to sail in the marina, it’s just a row boat for now. Jim tasked Peter and I with rowing to the marina gas station to get beer. Now, I know all gas stations sell beer, and I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised, but it was SO INCREDIBLY NOVEL to me that the marina gas station sells beer!


Peter and I took turns rowing, and we learned the dinghy probably steers best with just 1 person. We picked up the beer, and as we were rowing back, a harbor seal followed us back to the dock. It had big, dark eyes and it looked friendly, curious, and playful. Seals must be the golden retrievers of the Puget Sound. I’m excited to see more wildlife. Just at the marina, I’ve already seen great blue herons, different kinds of ducks, and this seal.


Later, Jim, Peter, and I put backup anchor and various other gear away while sipping the beer purchased from the gas station. We even unfurled the jib for the first time, and the sun started to peak out from the clouds.


Things I learned:

  • How to use the head (for real this time).
  • You’re supposed to carry an extra anchor in case the one you have gets detached.
  • Turns out there are five, not four, water valves on CDS.
    • 1 for the engine
    • 1 for the galley sink
    • 1 for the head
    • 1 for the head sink
    • 1 for…I can’t quite remember.
  •  The oven works! But, the dial only has a little flame and a big flame, so the only way you know how hot it is, is by looking at the thermometer Jim put inside .
  • The dinghy works best with 1 person. Can’t wait to sail it.
  • The marina gas station sells beer – purely mind blowing!



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