A new view of Seattle

on March 19, 2017
Puget Sound

What wind we didn’t have on the second voyage was made up for on this voyage.

Earlier that day, Peter and I played league Frisbee at Magnuson, stopped at our apartment to shower, and swung by the Interbay Whole Foods for our usual jambon-swiss-arugula sandwich fixins’, and then headed to the marina.

Jim had the boat all ready, so within 10 minutes we were motoring out of the breakwater under blue sky and sure wind. We unfurled the sails into the northerly wind and soon we were sailing towards Bainbridge Island in good time.

Peter steering CDS towards Bainbridge Island, the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier in the background

Sunny days in March are unpredictable, and sunny, windy days even more so (as I’m learning). On the last day of winter, it was perfect and beautiful out on the Puget Sound. When we got quite close to Bainbridge Island, we tacked heading towards downtown coasting at a good speed across the Sound. Our speed flickered between mid-6 knots to mid-7 knots.

The Seattle skyline from the Space Needle to the Smith Tower.

There was one other sailboat on the water near downtown. The downtown panorama kept getting bigger and bigger! I’d never seen Seattle like that before.


Trying to stay warm

When we got close to downtown, we did a final tack, the BEST tack of the day. CDS heeled port and we were cruising. It was amazing.

A huge Seattle skyline
Heeling hard port at over 7.5 knots
Heading west

What I learned:

  • The wind, the sea, the sky are best seen from the deck of sailboat.

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